BR Jazz Band

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Just released—11 original songs from the BR Jazz Band!

1. San Lorenzo
2. Eyes on the Prize
3. Running Out of Time
4. Life in the Pond
5. It's Up to Me and You
6. Goin' For It
7. Destiny
8. Number 5
9. Lost In You
10. All Alone
11. Seabright

Elements of Surf Elements of Surf

Our latest release, Elements of Surf, includes 11 new songs from drummer Billy Rogers and vocalist Diana Rogers, featuring electrifying performances by guitarist Rick Vandivier and bassist Dan Robbins, plus some special friends and guest musicians, including Bill C Ireton on guitar and percussionist/steel pan aficionado Phil Hawkins.

Available now on disc and through download at CD Baby, Elements of Surf will also soon be available through all the usual outlets, including iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, and more. You can also get Elements of Surf directly from us. Email us for more info!